Hi folks. Long time no talk. I’ve been pretty busy these days. I’m working hard on the database about methane emissions from arctic lakes. Also, things are getting started for the outreach dimension: tomorrow I’ll give a class to high schoolers about climate change and methane. Uh pressuuuure! (this is not ironic)

It’s getting colder here, between 0 and -10°c. I have to be very careful about having enough sunlight and fresh air, otherwise I fall asleep on my desk (like yesterday but let’s not talk about it). -5°c et je caille…je suis mal barrée

I went on the field yesterday for the first time, with my advisor, to learn how to make transect and quantify methane from lakes. The idea is that methane is mainly emitted through bubbles from the bottom of the lakes. As lakes freeze, bubbles get trapped in the ice and form pretty clussters. It is like a map of methane emissions under our feet.By counting the bubbles and their size, we can calculate how much methane it represents. So we went on a lake close to the university to make transects, and believe me, it’s harder than it sounds! But it was great to finally be on the field.

CH4 bubbles trapped in the ice, ca ressemble à ca (credit K.Walter)

CH4 bubbles trapped in the ice, ca ressemble à ca (credit K.Walter)

This week end, ski swap (=equivalent to Prada mega sales for some), I’m hoping to get some crosscountry skis. Not as fancy as the downhill I’ve had to leave home (merci air france), but I’m looking forward to have them! And I should order  a  camera someday. I should.

Please send me some Ricore.

Ah au fait! on a atteint les 1061 visites! Amazing! So should I write in English, or French? And where are you guys from (pas moyen d’activer la localisation de Google Analytics avec wordpress, si quelqu’un sait comment faire…).