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Do you live near a lake? How much methane does it release? Methane (CH4) rises from any lake bottom in which organic matter is decomposing, regardless of latitude. Beaver ponds are particularly productive. To find out how you can take part in mapping seeps in your own backyard, visit the Pan_Arctic_Lake_Ice Methane Monitoring Network (PALIMMN, www.alaska.edu/uaf/cem/ine/walter/ongoing_projects.xml) and/or send me an email (Yes! I’m coordinating this project! marygeai@yahoo.fr) and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

You can learn how to survey methane bubbles (in any season, any latitude), build bubble traps, collect gas from these traps). If enough people are involved, I’ll start building a website where people can upload their data and see data from other locations, make maps…


Send me the pictures from the lakes and ponds near you! Do you see bubbles?

Homework: Methane, a menace surfaces, Katey Walter Anthony, Scientific American, dec 2009, vol 301 no6.