These pictures were taken during our last field trip. We surveyed 13 lakes between Fairbanks and the Kenai Peninsula. I really like field work, and in general the whole process of getting, analyzing and mapping data. (I’m looking for my PhD-Charming..)


Step 1: transporting gear and walking around to find potential hotspots


Step 2: Outlining the transect…and shoveling!! (actually we love shoveling, it keeps us warm)

engineer DSC00526DSC00712

Step 3: Sweeping (we dont want any powder on the ice, it might freeze and create crusty ice when we pour water afterwards)


Step 4: Opening a hole (we need water for the bubble survey and for the depth survey)

DSC00777Marie_Field_Nov09_and_perso 178

Marie_Field_Nov09_and_perso 268DSC00760

    Tadaaaa! The ice Master, her Ice Gemm and a nice transect

Step 5: Pouring water, quantifying methane on the transect


  Measuring water depth, taking sediment samples


Measuring water depth along the transect with a depth finder, and a conference au sommet  trying to understand the weird shapes of methane bubbles we just found

Marie_Field_Nov09_and_perso 181DSC07866

Proud scientist. Freezing scientist.  (l’un n’empeche pas l’autre)

DSC00642Marie_Field_Nov09_and_perso 038

Walking to the next transect

DSC00795Marie_Field_Nov09_and_perso 152

Break. And loading again


       …et comparer nos blessures de guerre

Marie_Field_Nov09_and_perso 200