Alright, alright. Since I got frustrated with not getting enough results in my work, I started worked twice as much. But my nerves are reminding me I’d better have a break. While my boss tells me the contrary.

I bought ski boots today at a ski swap, they are awe-some! I couldnt find skis, though. I was looking for skis close to the Scratches from Rossignol I used in Alyeska. I’m considering buying new ones – even though January is far from the best timing to get new gear-, in sale. One of the two pair are Saphir Rossignol. I may go to a ski clinic tomorrow in Skiland. And tonight, ROLLER DERBY! The first international match in Fairbanks for the FBXRG, fairbanks roller girls.

What else? Stove issues. So we cook on the wood stove. The sun is coming back real fast. I just had a key lime pie. I also have issues with my car (I’m vague in purpose). And I want to stay in Alaska.