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it can be pretty too.


I am in Talkeetna for the morning. Those of you who know the Gilmore girls would love this little town. It is the exact same ambiance, alaska style.



We are leaving for a short field trip down South, surveying lakes for which we got visuals during our flight last Saturday.



DSC02953 DSC02954DSC02956 DSC02958DSC02959 DSC02961

I flew from Fairbanks to the Kenai Peninsula -what seemed like all over Alaska-and back to Fairbanks. That was unforgettable! I cant resist posting a few pictures before collapsing going to bed


Uh, by the way, that was for my job (:

It is a typical Fairbanks social event. Every Monday someone hosts, and ladies come to chill out, knit, and share good food. We hosted last Monday in our ridiculously beautiful house. It was a success!

I’m thinking of sharing the idea to create Knight Night. That could be interesting.




Les trottoirs, ici, ca ressemble a ca:



All these pictures were taken the same day, in Turnagain Arm, East of Anchorage, last November. Going back there on spring break….and on Saturday!! We are going to fly over the Arm the day after tomorrow to survey methane seeps. Hiiiii


Il Sung Na via

dessin 5

dessin 4

Superball 2010

Last Sunday at the Pub on campus, enjoying the superbowl cultural experience.

En theorie, la temperature diminue avec l’altitude. Mais l’air froid est plus dense. Donc quand il fait VRAIMENT froid, l’air froid stagne dans la plaine et les sommets des collines ont des temperatures plus douces. Il arrive donc souvent, en hiver, qu’en altitude on ait au moins 10 degres F de plus. Et ici, au sommet d’Ester Dome, on est toujours au dessus de la couche de nuage (quand il y en a). Voila a quoi ca ressemble.

Depart au pied de la colline

DSC02500DSC02501 DSC02503DSC02504 DSC02509DSC02513 DSC02514DSC02515 DSC02516DSC02517 DSC02518DSC02519 DSC02520DSC02521  DSC02532DSC02524DSC02531DSC02523 



DSC02472DSC02475 DSC02466 DSC02488 DSC02460

3d pic from the top Amy S.



Hanging out with Amy and Shuka


De-briefing with Laura


Amy’s coffee ritual. She is the only one who knows how to prepare a perfect coffee with this tiny press


Thursday morning…About to roll down the hill


Last Wednesday morning. I stayed home to greet Amerigas guys coming to fix our propane tank issues (it turns out, we’ll have to live without a stove a little more).This stolen free-time was even more flavorful than a usual wee-end dayDSC02354

The stove. Trying to figure out what’s wrong.


Oh well. Let’s switch to Plan B, the good ol’ wood stove!


Salade composee: le Plat National


Last sunday’s brunch. MMMMmmmm!


The Campus.


Cross-country skiers. They are everywhere. NOT an endangered species.


This is a pic taken in a random place, on a random day. I wanted to show how beautiful it is here, not only in some places but just virtually everywhere