Readers, it is time to talk about money. The International Polar Year (IPY), 2 years of intense and pioneer research on cold regions, comes to an end. A massive conference will take place in Oslo in june 2010.  A lot of high-level talks, career workshops, my first talk in a international conference and several occasions to present my work and introduce my project (involving people to get data on methane from a great diversity of latitudes) to the European scientific commmunity and  find  funding sources for the next research adventures.

My abstract about the network of people measuring methane from lakes – PALIMMN–  (to know 1. how much of this greenhouse gas is emitted all around the arctic and in temperate latitudes 2. What lake parameters – organic matter, permafrost…) seem to control the emissions 3. How much do methane emitted from lakes contribute to climate change 4. Involve people in a research project) has been ACCEPTED! Great. Nice. BUT. I didn’t get the travel grant. I need a funding to go to the IPY Conference! It is in June, and I have to confirm my participation very soon.

Here is how you can help: let me know if you know of any funding sources, opportunities, ideas, generous donators…anything relevant. Thank you.In short, I need 2500 usd.

La patrie reconnaissante.