Lance Mackey is a man who makes history. Lance just won the Iditarod. But he also is the first man to ever win four Iditarod in a row. As well as two Yukon quest and Iditarod in the same year.

I first heard of him…as a guy in the crowd for the Yukon Quest start was shouting Laaaaaance! Go man! Go! Do you know that man? I asked. The dude went green. If I know him? He is the best! The guy was so excited that Lance came by us in the last minutes before starting and shook hand with him. And as in the movies, I can say, as cheesy as it may sounds, that in fact, I won’t forget that man’s look. Full of what he was about to accomplish at the Yukon Quest and then, not long after, at the Iditarod.

And I was remembering all these books I red, the Nicolas Vanier stories, and shouted too: Allez les p’tits chiens! Yup yup!

And I encourage to have a look to awesome the Outreach material developed around the Iditarod. Good for teachers, parents, grandparents..