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Wish I could say all I want to.



It was as great as it looks! I am ready for more! (Thanks Tristan for the pics)

DSC05094  DSC05165 DSC05139 DSC05164 DSC05185 DSC05213

I just came back from a long week end in Anaktuvuk Pass, above the Polar Circle


I am there. Anaktuvuk, 68 N.

Have you heard of the Erasmus honeymoon? Erasmus is the name of an exchange program for European students. It is known that the first 6 months of being in a foreign country are generally positive and exciting. But then, the honeymoon ends. Everything that you found awesome is now part of a routine, you are less amazed.  You need a second wind!! This period can last months. And then, not long before you leave, nostalgia takes over and everything glows again. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Well, dearest, I don’t have the solution yet but I’ll let you know.

Picture credit ghostpatrol on Flickr.


DSC04957 DSC04954 DSC04955

The lights were out yesterday, they were truly amazing. Hugging the sky.

I think I found what is extreme with spring : the northern lights, and seeing everyday how much more daylight we get, and how fast.

 DSC04877DSC04879  DSC04890  DSC04911 DSC04912

Spring, paradoxically, is a tough season. Field season, for most of the scientists here. Finals, mid terms, for all the scientists here –that-are-also-students. End of the lease for most of us. Moment of the “what am I gonna do” this summer/next year/ with my life. And most of people are more than ready for summer (even tough 1 winter was not so bad, pretty mild and 2 it already FEELS like summer. this morning I was in PJ on the deck, 35F outside). But. I personally think that because of the ‘extreme’ climate here in Fairbanks, people live on a high. It is either super cold outside, or it is light 22h a day…all extreme, one way or the other. But spring IS SO NOT (beside the fact that it is super fast and/or super early). No thrill. No thrill besides these crazy changing skies.

 DSC04885 DSC04886  DSC04888  DSC04876 DSC04881

J’ai bien cru qu’il allait se mettre a pleuvoir!

DSC04574 I drink that toDSC03837

I study that

DSC03839 with that DSC04204

I like toDSC03936

DSC04386 makes me happy

DSC04487  I work here

and I want a DSC04621


Then and now



Then and now