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Spring, paradoxically, is a tough season. Field season, for most of the scientists here. Finals, mid terms, for all the scientists here –that-are-also-students. End of the lease for most of us. Moment of the “what am I gonna do” this summer/next year/ with my life. And most of people are more than ready for summer (even tough 1 winter was not so bad, pretty mild and 2 it already FEELS like summer. this morning I was in PJ on the deck, 35F outside). But. I personally think that because of the ‘extreme’ climate here in Fairbanks, people live on a high. It is either super cold outside, or it is light 22h a day…all extreme, one way or the other. But spring IS SO NOT (beside the fact that it is super fast and/or super early). No thrill. No thrill besides these crazy changing skies.