You know how cheesy-phony declarations sound empty most of the time? Like « you’ll learn from your mistakes » or « Leave your dreams! ». Right, you hear that from your enthusiast friends but maybe it doesn’t ring a bell. You know it in your head but not in your guts. And then, you come to a point in your life where your own private cheesy convictions (I’ll never get sucked in the system – type) are challenged. Life IS about compromises, like it or not.  It is all a matter of finding out which one you want to make. (THIS sounds phony too, right? But it is the center of my sweat and tears these days).

I guess my point is, it is no fun being the type who really sucks at taking decisions because of chronic over-analyzing tendencies.  No fun being almost 25, and not knowing what you really want to do. But who knows it at that age anyway? I you asked me, I’ll say I want to be a shepherd in summer, ski-bum in winter, and researcher in fall and spring! Right on, that helps.  Do you have Everyday Philosophy Guidelines that you stick to? Are you faithful to your convictions? How do you take huge decisions like choosing a job?