Little things that make me happy:

– napping in the sun

– riding my bike without the hands/downhill, superfast, without the breaks

– hanging out in my favorite coffee shop

– twelve once latte

– hiking, once I get my second wind

– being sucked into a work project that I love

– downhill skiing of course!

– races in bunny boots

– making a fire when it is the only source of heat

– walking in glacier fed rivers

– the feeling after a hard work out

– having the tan mark of sun glasses

– talking to strangers

– speaking English with my killer accent

– reading blogs (Penelope Bagieu, Margaux Motin, My funny Eye..)

– taking pictures

– Drawing

– finding out new great songs (That’s all by Clare and The Reasons)

– Walking out of my comfort zone (running a 10k, going to a bluegrass festival…)

– Hard core cold (-30F please), when your breath freezes

– Herding sheep! My favorite thing in the world

– The Alps, Annecy, La Clusaz. le Mercantour, Girdwood, Turnagain Arm

– sledding, walking in one meter deep snow