Time to share a little. I’m not a gentlemen’s lady, but I do like the chase. Chasing cool stuff, that is. There is a huge buzz about crafty blogs, yes, but I like to think that I don’t care about trends. (Who am I kidding?) Sometimes I wish I could write long inspired posts that would captivate numerous readers and provide me with tons of invisible good-hearted people.

Well, what I like above all is go outside and ski and hike, but I just moved in a big city, and there’s not much I can do right now –although good Samaritans just fixed my car, so I should just head out- Today, then, with all my good intentions to fit in the trendy-buzz-of-a-city, I went over my favorite non-outdoorsy blogs. Here are some of them. If I were you I’d check them out. Better than a Facebook break.

Design Sponge * A Cup of Jo * Poppy Talk * Sfgirlbybay * MissMoss * TribeccaYummyMummy * La Vie Boston * Brown Button