San Francisco is the place to be right now if you are interested in geophysical sciences: Atmospheric sciences, geology, remote sensing, glaciology, hydrology, outreach…The AGU -American Geophysical Union- is taking place December 5-9 and gathers no less than 20 000 people. As I am writing, a scientist from the NASA Goddard laboratory of Maryland is working next to me. I am that close to asking an autograph. I also met a permafrost rock star, an outreach master, an ash cloud volcanoes expert, a Tyrolian water column chemist and lightning research team. The streets are invaded by an ever-walking army of people carrying posters around, their name around their neck. Keywords are talk, poster, session, so-what’s-your-field. There are two schools, the outdoorsy team and the dress-up ones. A forest of laptop. Frown eyebrows. Powerpoint, plots and coffee cup. Radiant sun. Diners, receptions, and showing up at the Marriot like you own it. Having an excuse to talk to total strangers. While remembering that networking is hardly something you can rush.