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This is the link you follow to get involved in the Chasing Ice in Alaska Campaign! I have a spot in an expedition in Alaska that starts June 21st 2013. We’ll ski across the Juneau icefield in southeast Alaska to monitor glacier system dynamics. This expedition is great for my career, and also something I’ve been dreaming of doing for years!

Thanks for your support!



Here’s the pitch: I plan to travel to southeast Alaska to be part of an expedition; we will travel across the Juneau icefield for scientific purposes from June 21st to August 16th 2013. The expedition is organized by the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP), the longest continuous research study of a glacial system in the Western Hemisphere. The main mission is to contribute to understand the dynamics of glacier systems as they relate to climate by collecting data on the icefield.

This expedition is the opportunity of a lifetime for a young glaciologist, in terms of crucial technical skills learning, contact with seasoned scientists and close contact to glaciers –the subject I’ve been studying via satellite images.


To get there, I NEED YOU!

Funding is still needed (all the details will be available on a crowd-funding webpage launched in a couple days). By contributing to this project you’ll be in a sweet spot to hear a little about the story of one of the great frozen places on earth AND I offer sweet perks

Feel free to ask questions!


Pictures by Angus Duncan and Hannah Milne. Thanks guys