No matter how I look at it, even if I summon my most positive self, this past year has been fairly unexciting. The main reason being that I have been looking for a job for that exact amount of time, after living abroad for a few years. However. I like consciously doing everything I can to generate as little regrets as possible. So there have been some good things (not in order of importance):

– Started running, and am aiming for a semi-marathon in a few months (lost 16 pounds in the process)

– Rekindled with old friends

– Spent lots of time with family

– Walked in Paris, from left to right and right to left (including trips to the museum and little restaurants)

– Read (a lot of Ken Follett and John Le Carre)

– Went on mini holidays in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Biarritz, Quiberon, Chamonix, Grenoble, Bruxelles

– Learned to cook curry and quiche lorraine

– Learned the basics of programming

– Co-author in 3 scientific reports

– Contacted by Al Gore’s staff. Twice.

– Gave my blood

– Made progress on my kids books projects

– Became very efficient and reliable at my temporary job

– Grew baby tomatoes that turned out to be yellow peppers

– Drank Mojitos with my sister

– Opened a savings account

– Herd sheep in the mountains

– Hiked a 11 500ft

– Networked and reached out a lot, new contacts include the former CEO of the WTO and World Bank analysts

– Dared to give my cell number to a tall, dark and handsome man (still looking for the right one)