Hi all,
I wish thinking of contributing to this blog counted as actual contributions.
If it was the case, this blog would be overflowing with pictures and posts.
It’s just…There are so many talented bloggers, who are eloquent, put clear words on complex concepts, take beautiful pictures and find cool links.
It makes you think. What do I bring to the table. What is the worth of it; is my voice echoing in an empty church?
Well, maybe.
But, heck.
Today I’m contributing this:
I’m the adult child of a chronically ill parent. This parent is going through yet another cancer.

A friend, an old (sorry John!) professor from a University in Canada, shared his favorite quote several times:
« And all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well ».(Julian of Norwich)
I will believe it till it happens.
If you’re in the same situation, give me a shout. We’ll have too much coffee and eat inappropriate amounts of cake.