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Fairbanks life through Amy’s eyes (reminder: Amy is a friend, housemate, co-worker and evil twin) here


Alright, alright. Since I got frustrated with not getting enough results in my work, I started worked twice as much. But my nerves are reminding me I’d better have a break. While my boss tells me the contrary.

I bought ski boots today at a ski swap, they are awe-some! I couldnt find skis, though. I was looking for skis close to the Scratches from Rossignol I used in Alyeska. I’m considering buying new ones – even though January is far from the best timing to get new gear-, in sale. One of the two pair are Saphir Rossignol. I may go to a ski clinic tomorrow in Skiland. And tonight, ROLLER DERBY! The first international match in Fairbanks for the FBXRG, fairbanks roller girls.

What else? Stove issues. So we cook on the wood stove. The sun is coming back real fast. I just had a key lime pie. I also have issues with my car (I’m vague in purpose). And I want to stay in Alaska.

…or almost. I am willing to start running again, get better at skiing, swim more often, give cross country another chance.


Finally some pics of our new house! I moved in here last week with Amy, friend and co-worker, and Laura, friend and ex-coworker (she left us to start a phd on marine biology). This house is on Ester Dome Road, on the top a huge hill. So we have a truly amazing view to the South on the Alaska Range. We have sun all day. Lots of birds and squirrels. And the house has a lot of character: all in wood, with a deck, huge windows, a woodstove, a loft, decorated with good taste, tons of books and movies…A dream-house, really.


DSC02319DSC02318 DSC02320DSC02185

 DSC02229  DSC02237 DSC02238  DSC02313 DSC02315

get some stuff done fave 

Pic found on You are my Fave Blog

This video was shot last fall on Stevens Pond, near theUniversity of Fairbanks. That day we also had National Geographic people observing our work!

It is always good to make friends with the neighbors. So I threw a potluck. Let me make the presentations.






Are you talkin’ to me?


I am very, very busy





Traffic jam


My new house!

I’m moving to a new house today, to the other side of town, on the top of a huge hill with a view on the Alaska Range. But it is a sad day for me, maybe because it reminds me that half of my time here is gone, or maybe I don’t handle changes very well.  And I’m breaking Ruppert’s heart…

The house I'm leaving, on Westmoreland and Love road

…Ruppert is the cat


I just discovered this blog about the life of a guy who got trapped by alaska’s danse des sept voiles. Voila le resultat!

ari bob in ak

kichatna bob ak

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ward jenkins poppy evelyn pultara brown button   image image


Ca manque un peu de couleurs par ici!


Night Skiing in Alyeska, Ak.

With Scott from the Chugach Powder Guides, we went chasing Methane along the Seward Highway, that surrounds the Turnagain Pass. Mile 76, here is what we found! Huge hotspots, places where the methane flux that comes from the bottom of the lakes is so strong that it prevents the ice from forming.  Around Fairbanks, the hotspots are pretty small (~2x2m), while here near Girdwood they are definitely bigger (we saw merged hotspots that reached 16 by 20 m!!), but the flame that comes out when you light it is smaller.  But still, it was awesome. The bubbling is constant, it looks like the lake’s breath or heartbeat


DSC01956 DSC01923 DSC01964

Eric Muehling via my evil twin iluvmtns